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Discover These Quick And Simple Home Weight Loss Strategies So You Can Finally Shed Your Extra Fat Fast And Forever In 30 Days Or Less

  • An easy to use, proven system so you can lose weight quickly, healthily and without any fad diets or crazy exercise regimes.
  • Finally discover the hidden reason why losing weight has been so difficult and no, It’s NOT your fault.
  • Make amazing progress with small, simple changes so you can reach your weight loss goals faster than you ever thought possible.


If You’re Finding It Hard To Lose Weight It’s NOT Your Fault,  You Just Haven’t Had The Right Strategy…

Instead of trying to apply each tip and trick you can find online, concentrate on finding the perfect strategies and shortcuts to get you to your dream body as fast as possible.

In addition, it is crucial to create a concrete plan and stick with it instead of bouncing around trying everything you can get hold of. Think of it like baking a cake…

You don’t bake a cake by randomly thinking “hmmm, what ingredient shall I throw in next?”, you follow a recipe, a strategy with defined steps to follow in sequence.

The same applies in fitness.

How Many Times Have You Heard One Of These  Oversimplified Or Downright Wrong Sound-Bites?…

  1. Low calorie diets make you thin.
  2. Long cardio workouts are the best way to burn fat Eat light, only salad and fruit.
  3. “BodyPump” (or another fad exercise class) is the solution for getting fit.
  4. “You’re just naturally ‘big’ honey”.

Confusing, isn’t it?

It’s this kind of conflicting advice that makes it so difficult for you to lose weight. Of course, you’re not alone…

“I lost 12 pounds of extra weight and noticed a big improvement in my metabolism” - Mikko, Finland

This Problem Is So Common There Is A Term For  Victims Of This Kind Of ‘Advice’…

People who are unable to lose weight because they keep switching strategies, using ones that don’t work or losing motivation because it seems too difficult or painful are called “Fitness Wanderers”.

“I've lost 18 pounds and my blood sugar level has gone back to normal!” - Heidi, Finland

With The Right Strategy You Really Will Enjoy Losing  Weight Because It Is NOT About Punishing Yourself…

It’s about creating a rewarding lifestyle you love which generates the kind of body, the physique you want.

The answer is not diet and exercise as in “eat nothing and workout until you die”, its the polar opposite.

“After the first week I had lost 5.5 pounds!” - Mikko, Finland

Becoming a Successfully Fit Person By Applying These Simple Strategies Will Take You To Your Goal Much Quicker…

Just for you we have created a very special and extremely specific solution using tools based around the strategies of the Successfully Fit.

By following this solution step by step you will lose weight by exploiting the secrets of the Successfully Fit so you can be the thin, sexy, confident you you’ve always dreamed of.

Before we reveal exactly to you exactly what this solution is and how you can use it we want to assure you of something…

“The most striking result was the weight loss!” - Gavin, UK

Shed Those Extra Pounds In As Little As

4 Minutes Per Day…

You’ll soon discover that Home Workout Challenge uses a very special formula called ABF that allows you to lose weight FAST with very short bursts of activity.

What’s more, you can do all this from home with absolutely ZERO equipment.

“I really enjoyed the short and intense workouts. Also my body has changed significantly. Especially my arms and legs have toned up a lot!” - Sanna, Finland

Counting Calories Is A Waste Of Time, Worrying About How Much You Eat Is Pointless…

If you want to lose weight (and gain muscle) the quality of what you put into your body is far more important than the quantity.

In fact, limiting the amount you eat can put your body into plateau mode and make it almost impossible to lose weight in the long-run. This is why so many experience the “yoyo diet” effect.

Just like you we hate starvation and fad diets, so Home Workout Challenge uses some simple adjustments to the food you eat so you can lose weight while eating delicious

“I’m just loving the morning smoothies!” - Sanna, Finland

Meet The Coaches Behind Home Workout Challenge

Elisa and Pekka

Here’s why you can trust us.

We, Elisa and Pekka, are a couple whose dream is to make the world a better place through frequent workouts, healthy nutrition, and a lifestyle that supports staying active, healthy, and happy.  We believe spreading the 7 Strategies of The Successfully Fit is the best way to achieve our goal.

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