Heart Attack Burgers And Factory Made Chicken

Fruit burger

If you could immediately see the bad effects that unhealthy eating does for you, would you still do it?

Imagine if every time you ate a candy bar, your belly would grow an inch bigger in an instant or if every time you devoured a greasy burger, you could see your veins clogging a little bit more, taking you one step closer to a heart disease. Would you still eat them?

Or what if after downing a can of soda you could see all that sugar turning your body into a playground of all the parasites and fungus initiating all kinds of diseases, would you still drink it?

Until recently, I honestly believed that if the negative effects of bad eating would be seen A.S.A.P. rather than after months of even years, people wouldn’t eat as much crap as they do now. They would know better and take better care of their health.

However, after seeing this shocking video, I’m no longer sure about my answer.

Ladies and gentlemen, Heart Attack Grill:


Think about it. In the Heart Attack Grill obesity, cardiac arrest, and the probability of dying to eating like that is something that is considered appropriate to be made fun of, even to be boasted about. When entering this restaurant there shouldn’t be the slightest doubt in anyone’s mind that these burgers and fries are NOT good for you neither in long or short term.

And still people are eating like crazy! I’m shocked, aren’t you? You can eat all you want if you weigh over 350 pounds! I mean come on, seriously?

Call me uptight, but I just don’t understand why this place seems to be so popular and why do people find it so funny. Do people think that the bad luck of getting a heart attack after munching those flatliner fries or whatever they call them just isn’t going to happen to them? Can’t they just see that it’s all that fat and processed carbohydrates that’s making them fat and unhealthy? Or is it that they simply don’t care about their health or that they just don’t know how much better they would feel after a different kind of meal?

Take care of yourself

One of the reasons why people keep going back to the Heart Attack Grill or any other fast food restaurant and eating more than their bodies can handle is as follows. When eating natural, nutrient-rich real food, for example a banana, your body knows when to stop eating. It has a way of signalling to the brain that “I’m full, stop now”. You’ve never eaten 10 bananas at one go, have you?

Whereas when eating for example fast food or ready-made meals that’s not the case. In this type of food there are no nutrients that would prompt the satiety signal to your brain. That’s how you’ll end up eating more without getting any nutrients whatsoever, which, eventually, is likely to make you overweight. Being overweight is not necessarily a disease, but it’s not our natural state and can lead to multiple diseases.

So in a way, it’s not entirely your fault if it the burgers taste good and make you want more, so that you end up overeating and still going back for more. However, what you need to take responsibility of is to avoid those places like plague in the first place.

It is you who decides what to put into your mouth and it is you who needs to take care of your own body and health.

You are all you get

I recently attended Z-factor health and wellness seminar in Marbella, Spain as one of the coaches. Even though I was there as a coach, I still learned a lot and got so many new ideas and inspiration from all the other coaches and participants.

One thing that really stuck with me was the idea introduced by the seminar leader, the amazing high-performance health coach Joseph McClendon III. It goes like this:

“You are all you get!”

That’s it.

What’s meant by that is that you only get one you. There will never be another one. So, it really is worth treating yourself with respect and making the most of what you have.

Don’t waste your health intentionally by stuffing bad food in you, it only leads to obesity, premature aging, heart disease, and a multitude of other diseases… You should know better than that!

Instead, love yourself by taking good care of your body. Pay attention to the positive outcomes of your actions. Eating well leads to better health, well-being, body and mind. You’ll look and feel better and get to enjoy the company of yourself a lot longer!

I’ll take that much rather than a couple of minutes pleasure with the burger.

Make the change

How to avoid the fate of the poor young chap in the Heart Attack Grill video?

The best is certainly to avoid the quadruple-heart attack-bypass burgers altogether. However, if you feel that you just can’t help it, what you can do it to schedule one day a week for those treats.

The rest of the time, praise yourself by giving you the best, most nutrient-rich, tasty, delicious, and fresh food that you can find! Something that’s not made in a factory or fast food restaurant. It needs to be real food!

Something like the one introduced at the end of this video.

And if you feel like having a burger, why don’t you try the one pictured at the top of this blog post? You can eat as many of those as you wish! :)