How to Tie Your Shoes? Top Two Knots that Last!

How to tie your shoes?

Tying your shoelaces is usually one of the skills that you learn to master at a very early age. Or at least you think you do. If you know how to tie your shoes, then how come those laces always keep coming undone? It’s happened to us more than once during a nice jog in the park or while doing a high-intensity Home Workout Challenge workout. The laces of your running shoes have come undone, you stumble and almost fall down, and need to tie the laces all over again. Not cool.

Well, no worries! Those days are soon over, because we have a couple of cool tips for you! You’ll learn once and for all how to tie your shoes with knots that’ll hold.

Watch the video to learn how to tie your shoes

The reason why the knot is not strong enough is that – believe it or not – you are doing it the wrong way around! If the starting knot and the finishing bow are not in balance, the result is a weak knot that will not hold and results in you stumbling and tripping over your undone shoelaces.

How to tie your shoes properly then? In the following video, we’ll demonstrate how to tie the laces of your running shoes by making a strong knot that will hold even through a marathon! :)

You will see three techniques for lacing your running shoes. We call them the Weak Knot, the Strong Knot, and the Home Workout Challenge knot.

1. Weak Knot

First, you’ll see the Weak Knot, which is the “normal” way to tie your shoes. What’s typical to this is that when you tie the knot, the bow will point in “heel-to-toe” direction, which makes the bow imbalanced and prone to come undone.

2. Strong Knot

Secondly, we’ll show how to do a Strong Knot. This knot is inspired by this TED-talk. The Strong Knot differs from the Weak one in that you need to go to the other direction around the loop. In the end, the bow will point across the shoe making it strong!

3. Home Workout Challenge Knot

Finally, you’ll be introduced to the ultimate knot developed by us that will hold forever: the Home Workout Challenge Knot! When making this knot, go around the bow in the same direction as in the Strong Knot, but at the end, make one more half-circle around the loop before finalizing the knot. And you’re ready to go! This knot is perfect when you’re running or working out!


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  • Kate

    Cool! You learn something new every day.. :)

  • Tea

    Interesting, I use the 2nd version all the time and the 3rd when I go running, but didn’t know that the 1st “normal” version even exists :)

    • Elisa

      You’re a real pro then! :)

  • Moh.elsaka

    I hope this gonna help my friend who’s still using the 1st technique 😀

    • Elisa

      I’m sure it will! 😀 No more undone shoelaces..