Have You Tried And Failed To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat?

If so, read on..

Discover The Little-Known Secrets Of The ‘Successfully Fit’ That Allow You To Shed Those Extra Pounds In As Little As 4 Minutes Per Day So That In Less Than 30 Days You Can Be The Thin, Sexy, Confident You You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

Finally: A Simple, Fast 30 Day Weight Loss Solution You Can Use At Home, In Front Of The TV And In As Little As 4 (And NEVER More Than 20) Minutes A Day…Without Making Crazy Lifestyle Changes You Can’t Possibly Keep.

Dear Frustrated Belly Fat Sufferer,

If you’re like me (or one of the thousands of others I’ve helped) you’ll have had an experience like my friend Jenny here…

You walk into the gym, you didn’t have time to go home beforehand so you’re still in your work clothes. By the time you change you’re already knackered from a long day at work, driving over, lugging the kit bag out of the car and dragging it into the building.

You stand there and look around, wondering what you’re going to start with.

On your left is a huge, Goliath of a man pouting in the mirror and intermittently lifting massive weights like they are made of cardboard…Why would any guy want to look THAT bulky, its not attractive, just vain and weird? Hoping for a more inspiring sight, you look left…

…no luck.

This thin, toned and frankly beautiful woman is making her rounds of every single piece of equipment and making you feel like a fat, ugly loser. Especially when all the guys ogle her.

You Feel So Embarrassed And Intimidated You Consider Going Home And Eating A Whole Bucket Of Ice Cream, Then You Realize You’ve Been Blocking The Entrance To The Gym For At Least 2 Minutes. Better Choose Quick…


You pick the treadmill because its easy.

After ten minutes you’re bored and increasingly tired…

Time to try something else. You pick weights because at least you can have a short rest between reps without looking silly.

It isn’t long before this strategy becomes flawed as well though, lifting weights is hard and you’re really feeling the burn.

You go home after 20 minutes feeling beaten, exhausted and depressed.



You Wouldn’t Have Minded If When You Got On The Bathroom Scales After Two Months Of Enduring This Ordeal Twice A Week, You Weren’t Half A Stone HEAVIER!

What makes it worse is you ate almost nothing for the entire time, basically just cereal and carrot sticks. How is that possible, how can you gain weight while sticking to that ridiculous knackering ordeal and eating nothing but rabbit food?

Well, as they say – the truth is stranger than fiction…

You see if you’re anything like Jenny you’ve made some very common mistakes in your weight loss plan which have caused your body to go into weight gain rather than weight loss mode. Relax though…

It’s NOT Your Fault.

There is a kind of conspiracy going on that’s preventing you from finding strategies that work. Actually, its not so much of a conspiracy as a “series of unfortunate events”… You see there is a ton of misinformation floating around about how to lose weight, how to get fit and even just how to be healthy.

Most of it comes from well meaning people (friends, family AND “professionals”) who focus on telling you secondhand stories, half truths and occasionally, downright hearsay which does you far more harm than good. What’s even more frustrating for you is how conflicting most of this advice is, right?

How Many Times Have You Heard One Of These Oversimplified Or Downright Wrong Sound-Bites (Jenny Heard Them All)?…

  1. Low calorie diets make you thin
  2. Long cardio workouts are the best way to burn fat
  3. Eat light, only salad and fruit
  4. “BodyPump” (or another fad exercise class) is the solution for getting fit
  5. “You’re just naturally ‘big’ honey”

Confusing, isn’t it?







This Problem Is So Common There Is A Term For Victims Of This Kind Of ‘Advice’ – “Fitness Wanderers”

People who are unable to lose weight because they keep switching strategies, using ones that don’t work or losing motivation because it seems too difficult or painful are called “Fitness Wanderers”.

Here are some of the signs you may be a Fitness Wanderer:

  1. You cannot get results quickly enough
  2. You are frustrated
  3. You lack strategy
  4. You lack motivation and willpower
  5. You apply all the tips and tricks available without a proper plan
  6. You try one thing today, then move on to the next tomorrow
  7. You are looking for a ‘magic bullet’ to solve all your problems
  8. You feel you cannot overcome obstacles such as lack of time

Its NOT Your Fault And There Is A Better Way, A Solution To Fitness Wanderer Syndrome. Listen To James’ Story…

James was once a Fitness Wanderer.

Perhaps just like you he would flip from one diet or exercise regime to another, rarely giving any of them a chance to work.

The few times he did stick with his plan, nothing happened. In fact… He often ended up heavier than he was before.

James was distraught, he felt like he would be overweight and lethargic for the rest of his life…maybe he was just a “naturally big boy” like his mother always told him.

Then one day, out of sheer desperation James went to an old friend who worked as a physiology researcher at his local University. He asked him if it was possible he was just “naturally big”.

The professor was a kind man and truthfully, he’d been waiting for an opportunity to help.

The Professor Looked James Square In The Eyes And Said Simply, “There Is Someone You Should Meet”.

Without saying anything else he stood up from behind his desk and beckoned James to follow him down a hallway.

James was excited, he was expecting to be shown some kind of awesome laboratory with people hooked up to all sorts of monitors while they ran on treadmills and lifted weights.

Instead, they ended up at the University cafeteria.

Michael pointed to a table at the very end of the room. It was full of healthy, vibrant looking students laughing and joking. “We’re going to meet a guy just like you, he’s over there”.

“Sam, This Is James, He’s ‘Naturally Big’ Too” Said The Professor As They Went In For The Obligatory Man Hug.

The young man looked James square in the eyes and asked “how quickly do you want to get in shape because if you’re anything like me, you want to be fit yesterday?”

It turns out Sam in fact, used to be even bigger than James and had tried every diet and exercise plan he could get his hands on to no avail. Until…

He got so fed up he raided the University library for weight loss research and after many late nights, discovered the perfect combination of scientifically proven fat loss strategies for burning fat quickly and safely.

He said, “Listen, if you want to be like me, there are three steps you need to take.”

The First Step Is To Start the Fat Burn by Using A Specially Designed Combination Of Exercise Strategies.

Originally, these workout strategies were based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This very specific form of exercise allows you to lose weight using surprisingly short bursts of activity.

On it’s own however, HIIT does not work for long…










The Second Step Is To Perform The High Intensity Workouts And Fat Burning Exercises In A Certain Order, At Specific Times.

Otherwise the power of HIIT soon becomes just as useless as long, boring cardio!

Here’s how these discoveries apply to you:

  1. With the right combination of exercises, order and duration you can burn fat really, really well and amazingly quickly.
  2. It takes no more than 20 minutes per session and…
  3. Sam even discovered workouts that lasted only 4 minutes and still gave great results.
  4. You can workout wherever you are, with no equipment – even in front of the TV.
  5. Its challenging and rewarding without being exhausting.
  6. You burn fat during and (seriously, hand on heart) AFTER each workout.

There is a very specific formula you will hear about in a moment which makes this possible.

After hearing Sam’s advice James was excited and almost on his way to do the first workout, when Sam stopped him.

“Hold on buddy, I still haven’t told you the third – an probably the most important – step that will take you to the real results.”

The third step is the truth about dieting.

Before Sam discovered the third step, he was constantly feeling exhausted and actually put weight back on despite his strong exercise regime. Further research revealed…

A Very Controversial “Missing Ingredient” That Enabled Him To Stick To His Plan And Get Serious, Lasting Results

You see, Sam was starving hungry and so in a moment of weakness he made himself what felt like a very indulgent meal. Afterwards he felt great, so he did a workout.

It was the best workout he’d ever done and as a result, he did some serious research into nutrition (you’ll get the results in a second).

For the first time ever, Sam and subsequently James, were actually able to stick to their plan and get results.

Counting Calories Is A Waste Of Time, Worrying About How Much You Eat Is Pointless.

If you want to lose weight (and gain muscle) the quality of what you put into your body is far more important than the quantity.

In fact, limiting the amount you eat can put your body into plateau mode and make it almost impossible to lose weight in the long-run. This is why so many experience the “yoyo diet” effect.




Sam Discovered The More He Ate Of Some Specific Foods, The More Energy He Had And The More Weight He Lost.

You see, it is the combined effect of diet and exercise that produces ultimate weight loss results. But relax…

For Fitness Wanderers dieting and exercise feel almost like a punishment, “I’m really fat and ugly so I have to starve myself and run 5 hours a day to lose weight”. If you think that’s the way to do it…

…You’re simply mistaken.

With The Right Strategy You Really Will Enjoy Losing Weight Because It Is NOT About Punishing Yourself, That’s Just Silly.

It’s about creating a rewarding lifestyle you love which generates the kind of body, the physique you want.

This is not diet and exercise as in “eat nothing and workout until you die”, its the polar opposite.

Generous Helpings Of The Right Kind Of Nutrition Will Give You So Much More Energy AND Actually Burn Fat…Even Before You Do Any Exercise.

Your mantra should be “eat lots of delicious nutritious food and workout just enough to activate your ‘Fat Burner Switch’ (I’ll explain exactly how this works for you in a moment)

Just look at Sam and James, did they see their path to weight loss as a punishment? No, once they had the right strategy it is was easy and even fun.

When You Look In The Mirror And See All The Bits Of You That You Don’t Like, Don’t Let It Get You Down Because…

You just need the right strategy.

It is this commitment to a strategy that takes a Fitness Wanderer and turns them into something else entirely, the type of person who is able to get and stay fit.


Just like Fitness Wanderers, these people all have some common attributes:

  • A clear vision of what they want to become
  • A strategy for achieving that goal
  • They get results quickly
  • They review pros and cons before choosing what is the right way to fulfill their vision
  • They do not jump on every wagon that comes their way
  • They do the right things, at the right time.
  • They take strategic shortcuts to reach their goals quicker
  • They ask for help or hire an expert to help out
  • They apply 7 specific strategies (coming next)

We call these people Successfully Fit because they don’t just lose a bunch of weight through crash dieting only to put it straight back on…

…They have lifestyle strategies that keep them permanently fit and healthy, at the weight and physique of their choosing.

To show you the sort of strategy that works, we’ve broken down what they do into “7 Strategies of the Successfully Fit”…




7 Strategies of Successfully Fit People

1. Multiply the effect

Multiplication means that you do one thing that has a positive effect on several others. For example, doing a carefully planned workout today will affect numerous other things positively: it will boost fat burn, make you feel good and energetic, you will also sleep better, which gives you energy to do another workout the following day.

2. Compound

Compounding is the combined, positive effect of two interrelated strategies, 10 + 10 = 20, but 10 x 10 = 100! For example, changing your breakfast will give you more energy. On top of that, if you then do a specific energy exercise you will get even more energy. Using both these tactics combined gives you double the vigor and vitality, as the combined effect of the two is greater than the individual impact.

3. Remove obstacles

Obstacles make it difficult to reach your goal. Lack of time, money or energy are all obstacles that can hinder your way. Removing or minimizing these obstacles will take off the excuses. For instance, removing all the unhealthy crackers, cookies, etc. in your pantry, makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan and filling up a glass of water immediately after you’ve drank it makes it easier to stay hydrated.

4. Challenge yourself

Successfully fit people challenge themselves constantly. For example, once you determine your goal, challenge yourself to practice it for the next 30 or 60 days to develop a habit. When something is a habit, you’re less likely to give up doing it. Making habits can be difficult at first. It’s a bit like learning to drive a car: at first it needs your full attention, but then becomes easy so that you won’t even think about how to start the engine or hit the brakes. An important feature related to challenges is writing it down and telling everyone about it. This will reinforce the goal and make you more likely to stick to the plan.

5. Stay persistent

Good results come quickly when doing the right things. Nevertheless, trying one thing today, another one tomorrow and then forgetting all about it on the third leads nowhere. Choosing one path to follow and staying persistent is the only way to succeed.

6. Search for continuous accomplishments

Happiness comes from the feeling of progress and moving forward. Continuously rewarding yourself for achieving subgoals will give you a feeling of accomplishment and help you stay motivated. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, every time the scales shows 2 pounds less, celebrate!

7. Find a mentor

The Successfully Fit are clever enough to seek help when they don’t know the right way to go. Instead of struggling to move forward by trial and error, finding a mentor will lead them to the finish line in record time. Good mentors focus on thinking strategically on a high level and use scientific research data to back up their instructions.

Without Implementing These Simple Principles It Is Almost Impossible To Lose Weight, No Matter How Hard You Try.

For Example…

  • Working out without paying attention to your nutrition gives no compound effect so losing weight is much harder, if not impossible.
  • Working out only once per week is not enough to form a habit so when you go to do it it feels like a chore and you’re likely to skip a session (or two, or three).
  • Not applying the strategy of continuous accomplishments leads to a lack of motivation so you’re likely to feel you’re not getting anywhere and just give up.
  • Focus on making smart moves, workout the right way, eat the right things and get multiplied effects. Instead of working out 12 hours per week, the same effect (or more) can be achieved doing much less.
  • Not getting help from a mentor might lead to you putting in a lot of effort for no results or doing something which really isn’t good for you. Either way, you’re unlikely to be successful without a mentor.

Can You See How None Of This Is Your Fault, It’s Just That You Haven’t Had The Right Strategy?


Instead of trying to apply each tip and trick you can find online, concentrate on finding the perfect strategies and shortcuts to get you to your goal as fast as possible.

In addition, it is crucial to stick to just one source of information and follow the plan instead of bouncing around trying everything you can get hold of. Think of it like baking a cake.

You don’t bake a cake by randomly thinking “hmmm, what ingredient shall I throw in next?”, you follow a recipe, a strategy with defined steps to follow in sequence.

The same applies in fitness.

Our goal is to help you get to your goal as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Becoming a Successfully Fit Person By Applying These Simple Strategies Will Take You To Your Goal Much Quicker.

Just for you we have created a very special and extremely specific solution using tools based around the 7 strategies.

By following this solution step by step you will lose weight by exploiting the secrets of the Successfully Fit so you can be the thin, sexy, confident you you’ve always dreamed of.

Before we reveal exactly to you exactly what this solution is and how you can use it we want to assure you of something…

It lasts just 30 days after which you can expect to have seen some serious results.

This solution is designed to be incredibly easy to implement, we tell you exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Specifically it uses the special formula called the AfterBurner Formula (ABF).

The AfterBurner Formula Is A Completely Different And Entirely New Way To Lose Weight Fast.

It Has Two Important Benefits…

  1. AfterBurner Diet Plan – FOOD AS FUEL: There is ZERO calorie restriction and a large emphasis on filling yourself up with lots of delicious food so you will never go hungry and can still enjoy eating. The meal plans show you exactly what sort of things to eat and it is even recommended that your diet contains 30% fat because you need fuel, food to give you energy and maintain your body.
  2. AfterBurner Workout Formula: It is a well established scientific fact (proof to follow) that the right kind of exercise produces an AfterBurn where your body burns fat after your workout while it repairs and strengthens your muscles. ABF takes full advantage of this so you burn maximum fat with minimal effort.

You see, we’re not going to just give you a bunch of exercises or some patronizing rant about eating more veggies…








You’re Going To Get A Complete Step By Step Plan To Take All The Guess Work And Stress Out Of Losing Weight.

Specifically you will know:

  • Exactly what exercises to do and when so you can plan your days in advance and make sure you never miss a session. You’ll be able to stay persistent one of the most important Strategies of The Successfully Fit (and remember, each workout uses ABF and is between only 4 and 20 minutes long).
  • ABF is planned, programmed and sequenced to give optimal results so you can multiply the effect of everything you do and take advantage of compounding (two more Strategies of The Successfully Fit).
  • What to eat and when to eat it so you can lose weight as fast as possible without ever feeling hungry or going without your favorite foods (Sundays you can eat whatever you like, by the way).
  • What food NEVER to eat if you want to lose weight.
  • How to make weight loss fun so you actually enjoy following the plan. These past three will remove huge obstacles most people never get over, another Strategy of The Successfully Fit.
  • How to use the AfterBurner Formula to become one of the elite Successfully Fit so you never have to worry about your weight ever again.

You will find following ABF so easy and straightforward you’ll surprise yourself with newfound commitment to your weight loss goals.

The Knowledge That You Will See Results Within Just 30 Short Days Will Propel To Keep Going And Build The Habits Of The Successfully Fit. Just Think…

In a little over a month you will be a much slimmer, healthier version of yourself. You will have more energy, feel more motivated and happy about life in general.

You will feel like the sexy, confident you you’ve always dreamed of and your fear, guilt or whatever bad feelings you had about your weight will be gone forever.

You will be able to look in the mirror and feel proud of your appearance, of your accomplishments and of who you are.

But Wait. There’s More…

If you like your new lifestyle after 30 days then you can stick with it and enjoy even more results like increased energy, more weight loss, more muscle gain and improvement in general health. Alternatively…

If you just needed to lose a few pounds and wanted a short powerful burst of weight loss then you can go back to your previous lifestyle safe in the knowledge you can always use our solution again.

How much better will you feel when all these things are true?





If You’re A Sensible Person Like Me You Will Be At Least A Little Skeptical Of Our Claims. This Is Good, Its Natural To Take A Conservative Position.

Let me take a few moments to explain why you can trust us.

We, Elisa and Pekka, are a couple whose dream is to make the world a better place through frequent workouts, healthy nutrition, and a lifestyle that supports staying active, healthy, and happy.

We believe spreading the 7 Strategies of The Successfully Fit is the best way to achieve our goal.

Here is our story to the world of fitness.

Elisa and Pekka


Pekka Mattila:

Five Years Ago I Was Busy At Work And Thought That I Had No Time For Working Out…

I was constantly feeling tired and had back problem from sitting all day at work. In the evenings, I relieved my stress by rewarding myself with soft drinks and french fries.

One day Elisa persuaded me to go to a BodyPump lesson with her. I thought that it would be a piece of cake and loaded the bar with a bunch of heavy weights… but within half an hour I found myself on the floor, white as a ghost, taking the count. That was a real wake-up call for me. I realized that I was really out of shape and needed to do something about it or else I would soon be on a highway heading towards health problems caused by my unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

I’m an all-or-nothing kind of a guy, so I started working out at least five hours a week. In a short while I tried almost everything: I attended BodyPump lessons, followed by a period of pointless gym training, I even tried Zumba – once.

Mentally, I was feeling a lot better than before, but…

Despite Spending Hours In The Gym, I Wasn’t Seeing The Physical Changes In My Body That I Wanted.

Instead of building a proper strategy for getting in shape, I was trying out whatever someone suggested that I should do. I was a fitness wanderer, there’s no doubt about it.

At some point I ended up practicing olympic weightlifting with professional coaches for six months and learned a lot about my physique, the right training techniques, etc, but the problem was that both the gym training and the weightlifting took too much of my limited free time.

I was getting frustrated at my situation and started studying more on the subject of sports and nutrition. I realized that both my eating habits and the type of training that I did needed a change and then found out that by following the 7 Strategies of the Successfully Fit I could finally transform my life and my body. I ditched the french fries and soft drinks once and for all as I discovered that by combining proper diet with high-intensity interval workouts I was able to achieve amazing benefits.

Additionally, these lifestyle changes helped me to sleep better (I was no longer snoring at all!), which relieved my stress.

Within 6 Weeks I Lost 8 kg (17.6 lbs) And Dropped My Body Fat Percentage From 13% To 8%. I Was Full Of Energy And Feeling Confident.

I got another proof of the superiority of following the 7 strategies when I was persuaded to go running with a friend training for a marathon. I hadn’t run at all for many years, but had no trouble keeping up with my friend. We ran 20 km (12 miles) in 1h 45min!

Other people also noticed the change and I was frequently asked “How did you do it?”. My answer was always the same: “By becoming Successfully Fit!”.”

Elisa Mattila:

My Dream Has Always Been To Have A Sporty-Looking, Toned Body As Well As To Have Lots Of Energy Throughout The Day.

I’ve always loved doing sports and tried various forms of fitness ranging from tennis to aerobics and gym training. I’ve also always paid attention to my eating and thought that I was doing a good job. I’ve always been an enthusiastic reader of women’s magazines and whenever I saw a tip like “10 best foods to lose weight”, I was always trying them the first chance I got.

Despite my efforts, I was wondering why I didn’t see the results that I wanted. Instead, I was struggling with my weight even though I was frequently working out and thought that my diet was healthy and light.

I Even Tried Adding More Workouts And Eating Less, But Nothing Worked. I Was Beginning To Lose Motivation, As It Seemed Like I Would Never Be Fit…

Then a few years ago, when studying nutrition and reviewing my eating habits I realized how totally wrong I had been. My supposedly light diet was in fact rich in carbohydrates and sugar and lacking protein and other necessary nutrients. My body was in a fasted state due to the restricted calorie-intake and tried to hold on to each piece of nutrition it got, turning it into fat.

In addition to understanding the importance of nutrition, another eye-opening experience for me was finding high-intensity workouts. I love the challenge of pushing my limits each time. Ever since then I’ve been doing the ABF workouts and taking baby steps to improve my diet. Going step-by-step has allowed me to stay persistent and gradually adjust to the changes, making each one a permanent habit. And what a difference these changes have made!

I’m feeling a lot better than before…

I Have Lost Weight And Have So Much More Energy Than Before! I Have Also Regained My Motivation.

While improving my diet and working out at high intensity, I have realized the power of the 7 Strategies of the Successfully Fit. Good things happen when doing the right things and anyone can succeed if only they follow those strategies. In fact, the entire concept of Home Workout Challenge is based on this idea. It makes us sad that no one teaches these strategies even though they simply work.

We want to share the knowledge of the 7 Strategies, so that everyone who is frustrated with their current weight, looks or level of fitness can get in shape and feel good about themselves.

Since our personal transformations we have helped thousands of people navigate the path from Fitness Wanderer To Successfully Fit. We have unwittingly become sought after for our expertise and among other things, Elisa has been featured on the Feminine Soul online radio show as a guest expert in health and fitness.

Now you know we are for real, allow us to introduce you to…

The 30 Day Home Workout Challenge


You will never see a program quite as simple to implement, done-for-you and effective as this one.

We Have Pulled Out All The Stops To Take The Guesswork And Stress Out Of Losing Weight For You By Applying ABF With The 7 Strategies Of The Successfully Fit.

When you follow the 30 Day Home Workout Challenge you will not have to think, just do. And…


  • What you have to do is very little, between just 4 and 20 minutes of exercise once a day so you will get maximum weight loss for minimum effort.
  • You will tap into the power of ABF so you can burn fat using short, simple workouts…AND burn fat after your workout, even if you’re sitting on the couch.
  • You will never miss a workout session because each day you will receive instructions by email with exactly what to do and when.
  • You will have online exercise plans to follow along with so you can workout whenever and wherever you are using your computer, iPad or tablet, smart phone or laptop.
  • You will have meal plans laid out for each week so you can eat healthily without having to worry about what to eat or when to eat it.
  • You get a weekly shopping list so you know what to get in advance and will never find yourself without the ingredients you need.
  • If you don’t like what’s on the menu, just hop onto your online members portal and choose from our ever growing list of recipes so can find something you like and avoid getting bored of the same stuff.
  • If you’re vegetarian there are specific meal plans for you so you don’t have to worry about creating your own.
  • You will get short, concise insider information about how to increase your energy levels so you can avoid those horrible calorie lows and stay motivated.
  • You will have a challenge to work towards, a goal to strive for: to get as fit and healthy as you can in 30 days so you can lose weight and become the sexy, confident you you’ve always dreamed of.

One of the specific “success secrets” that makes the AfterBurner Formula so powerful for you is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) so here are some excerpts from peer- reviewed scientific journals to prove to you it is as effective as we say it is…

scientifically proven

International Journal of Obesity 2008:

HIIE (HIIT) three times per week for 15 weeks compared to the same frequency of SSE (steady-state) exercise was associated with significant reductions in total body fat, subcutaneous leg and trunk fat, and insulin resistance in young women as well as increase in cardiovascular endurance.

J Sports Med Phys Fitness 2012:

Another HIIT study in Tianjin University aimed to study how HIIT affected the body composition, cardiac function and aerobic capacity of overweight young women. There were two groups of women, one performing moderate-intesity workouts and another one doing high-intensity training.

When compared, the HIIT group had achieved better overall results for example in body composition, heart rate at rest and maximal oxygen uptake. The study concluded that HIIT can effectively be used in the treatment of young overweight women.

Am Transplant 2012:

A study conducted in Oslo University demonstrated the effect of HIIT workouts for heart transplant recipients. They showed that ” a long-term, partly supervised and community- based HIIT-program is an applicable, effective and safe way to improve the VO2peak (peak oxygen uptake) , muscular exercise capacity and general health” in heart transplant recipients.

Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2012:

Long-term lifestyle intervention with optimized high-intensity interval training improves body composition, cardiometabolic risk, and exercise parameters in patients with abdominal obesity.

A long-term lifestyle intervention with optimized high-intensity interval exercise improves body composition, cardiometabolic risk, and exercise tolerance in obese subjects. This intervention seems safe, efficient, and well tolerated and could improve adherence to exercise training in this population.

What’s more, here is what some of our students have to say about the 30 Day Home Workout Challenge:


My body has toned up a lot!

I really enjoyed the short and intense workouts and I'm just loving the morning smoothies! Also my body has changed significantly. Especially my arms and legs have toned up a lot!” - Sanna, Finland


After the first week I had lost 5.5 lbs

I must confess that when I started the 30-Day Home Workout Challenge I hadn't realized how challenging the nutrition plan would be. However, already after the first week I had lost 5.5 lbs, which gave me extra motivation to continue. Now that there's one more week to go I have already lost 9 lbs! I'm certain that I will continue with this type of diet and doing these types of workouts also after the Challenge is over to reach my optimal weight.” - Mikko, Finland

Noticed a big improvement in my metabolism

The 30 Day Home Workout Challenge is now over and I feel great! I lost a few lb of extra weight on the way and noticed a big improvement in my metabolism. I have a skin disease, but the symptoms disappeared almost entirely during the Challenge. It must be because of the diet! I have even been able to get rid of some of the medication along with its side effects, so I'm really pleased. Thanks guys!” - Mikko, Finland

I've already lost 7 pounds, so I'm mega pleased with the results!!!

I heard about the 30 Day Home Workout Challenge at the end of last year and thought that it was a brilliant idea to shift off some of my Christmas Turkey, Cake, Chocolate and Pudding weight! I think the concept is simple and genius at the same time. The workouts last less than 20 minutes so it's easy to find the time in my busy daily routine to get it done. The 20 minute limit is the biggest attraction for me, as I generally don't 'enjoy' exercise enough to be at it for hours.

My main goal was to generally be healthier in 2012 and to lose some of the Christmas weight and I've already lost 7 pounds, so I'm mega pleased with the results!!!” - Segun, UK

I've lost 18 lbs and my blood sugar level has gone back to normal!

I have been determined to lose weight ever since my doctor told me that my blood sugar level was so high that I was in danger of getting diabetes. I did the 30-Day Home Workout Challenge and really enjoyed doing the workouts. Also the nutrition plan kept me eating clean and I loved trying out all the new recipes.

When the Challenge ended, I noticed that I started slacking off with my diet and didn't workout regularly anymore, so I decided to start it again! The 30-Day Home Workout Challenge really keeps me motivated and I've seen excellent improvement in my results. What's more, I've lost 18 lbs and my blood sugar level has gone back to normal!” - Heidi, Finland

The most striking result was the weight loss!

For myself, the most striking result was the weight loss! Its strange, I look back at photos before I started the 30 Day Home Workout Challenge and I can see how much weight I had gained. Secondly it was fitness level, honestly speaking I can now power walk the London tube system without gasping for breath after every stairwell I encountered!

The second biggest change for me has been confidence, confidence in myself. I think like most people, my weight gain had a negative impact on my personality and enjoyment for life – Now, well, I feel enthused, the Home Workout Challenge changed my sluggish being to, feeling energised. The only way I can really describe it (and I will try and not sound too cheesy) is that the Home Workout Challenge “recharged” me – it helped changed all the negative aspects of my sedentary lifestyle.” - Gavin, UK

When You Join The 30 Day Home Workout Challenge Today You Will Get Instant Access To:







AfterBurner Formula Workouts

  • 24 follow-along AfterBurner Formula workouts so you can burn fast fast in as little as 4 minutes (and NEVER more than 20) a day…Plus the ABF will mean you burn fat for hours afterwards, even while sitting on the couch. VALUE: $247
  • Daily motivation and done-for-you instructions emailed direct to you so you know exactly what to do and never lose your drive to succeed. VALUE: $75
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Ab Challenge Fitness Program

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